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Types instead of inheritance

Many time we can see require­ment writ­ten as a “class dia­gram for pro­ject”. What “class dia­gram” mean? We can use UML class dia­gram for: archi­tec­ture mod­el, notions mod­el, some­times oth­er. Which type of mod­el do you need? Class dia­gram is a tool. When we say mod­el, we have to provided con­text: mod­el of what?

We use inher­it­ance in mod­els of notions (for build­ing tax­onom­ies), nev­er in archi­tec­ture.. In archi­tec­ture mod­els we use types. In 2015 OMG pub­lished UML v.2.5. Inher­it­ance was removed from UML . Why? Wel­come in my courses?


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