Jaroslaw Zel­in­ski IT-Consulting

Meet me in Centrum Offices, 214 Uni­on St., AB10 1TL, Aber­deen, Aber­deen­shire, Scot­land, UK. I can be work­ing remotely (trav­el­ling in the UK is pos­sible). Since 2022 I’m a registered sole trader in the UK (UTR: 38343 98735). 

Gen­er­ally, I work remotely and com­mu­nic­ate asyn­chron­ously. But meet­ings are pos­sible as well. E‑signature: Post mail Stan­np. Stay con­nec­ted with me at my Linked­In pro­file.

If you want to ask me any ques­tions: +44 7506 613 650, info @ or use this form, please:

For the clients of the ongoing project

Post­Mania – View­er Guide: Postamania (Click here to start: Pro­ject Repos­it­ory)

Account­ing: Mazuma GB Lim­ited 2021 | Com­pany Regis­tra­tion Num­ber: 6662632 | Dragon House, Princes Way, Bridgend Indus­tri­al Estate, Bridgend, CF31 3AQ (Mazuma).

Payments in advance

In some cases, ser­vices are provided after pay­ments are received (pay­ments in advance, all details in each offer). Ask about details.