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Tutoring at the bar

From time to time you get a prob­lem or a ques­tion that stops you from con­tinu­ing your work. I receive many such ques­tions about how to pre­pare busi­ness doc­u­ment­a­tion. After 30 years of work and 20 years of research and teach­ing, it often takes as long to answer a ques­tion as it does to have a con­ver­sa­tion over a whisky bar (ok, from time to time a little longer, and if neces­sary a workshop). 

The whisky of the month costs £3.5 and that is the cost of answer­ing these ques­tions here: short answers for your inquir­ies, includ­ing prac­tic­al examples and explanations. 

When writ­ing my stud­ies: 1. I take respons­ib­il­ity for what I write, 2. I explain and cite sources, 3. I do not use argu­ments from author­ity. 4. Any­one who has pur­chased the study can ask ques­tions about its contents. 

(photo: me in the pro­cess of work­ing on anoth­er study. My office in Aberdeen)

The paid-for doc­u­ments and their con­tents below are avail­able under an open licence. 

I answer some ques­tions in a way that does not solve the prob­lem but gives guid­ance for fur­ther work (e.g. the ques­tion “What should I read…”). Then the fee is a vol­un­tary donation. 

How do you rep­res­ent this Single Sign-On (SSO) pic­ture using UML?
Can we use UML to design elec­tric­al equipment?
What is the dif­fer­ence between a domain mod­el and an applic­a­tion model
How to mod­el in BPMN the return to the main process
Which mod­els are made by the ana­lyst and which by the developer
Is the ana­lyst also a designer
Can you recom­mend a book with UML and BPMN exercises?
Does it make sense to use UML in Domain Driv­en Design, how to do it
How to mod­el a double opt-in regis­tra­tion busi­ness pro­cess mod­el in BPMN?

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