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Prac­tic­al examples that can be used for learn­ing or as a good start­ing point for a cli­ent pro­ject. Along with the pro­ject file, you can get access to my sup­port on the Post­Mania plat­form (you have to use the email provided dur­ing pay­ment pro­cessing as a login) to get help in under­stand­ing it and using it for your own pur­poses, includ­ing com­mer­cial ones.

These pro­jects are cre­ated using Visu­al Paradigm. The files offered here are the ori­gin­al designs in vpp format and their export to XMI (UML) and XML/XPDL (BPMN) format (see SPARX EA Import). PDF doc­u­ment­a­tion was added as well. Each pro­ject is struc­tured around microservices com­pon­ents and use cases in accord­ance with Use Case 2.0 and ICONIX. Pro­cess mod­els in BPMN nota­tion are ana­lyt­ic­al models.

Domain Driv­en Design with UML
Double opt-in regis­tra­tion busi­ness pro­cess mod­el BPMN
Bib­li­oteka PL – pliki źródłowe
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Since 2004, my role in pro­jects has been that of a solu­tion design­er and soft­ware engineer.