System design and implementation


Soft­ware engin­eers eval­u­ate cli­ent or com­pany needs in con­junc­tion with those of the user and meth­od­ic­ally con­cep­tu­al­ize a sys­tem­at­ic solu­tion (also Sys­tem Engineer).

This per­son is a Solu­tion Designer…


Pro­gram­mers write code and debug errors in pro­grams and soft­ware based on instruc­tions from soft­ware engin­eers. They are involved in a single stage with­in the devel­op­ment life­cycle and con­cen­trate on one com­pon­ent at a time (also Sys­tem Developer).

Design and implementation process

How it works for those who succeed:

  1. an organ­isa­tion­al mod­el is cre­ated (busi­ness pro­cesses and doc­u­ment structures)
  2. define busi­ness require­ments (needs)
  3. a plat­form-inde­pend­ent logic is designed to imple­ment the require­ments (sys­tem model)

A developer is then selec­ted to:

  1. selects and sets up the environment
  2. imple­ments the designed logic in the selec­ted environment
  3. deliv­er the sys­tem to the users and imple­ment it.


  • If the pro­ject is mono­lith­ic, the imple­ment­a­tion will be a “big risky waterfall”.
  • If the pro­ject is a com­pon­ent archi­tec­ture (microservices), the imple­ment­a­tion will be a smooth, iter­at­ive and incre­ment­al pro­cess (points 5. and 6. in the loop).

I’m Sys­tem Engineer…

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