New era

First and short post. After six years vis­it­ing Scot­land to vis­it tour­ist attrac­tions, spend­ing time on folk fest­ivals and tra­di­tion­al music ses­sions in pubs (I play whistle), now it’s time to start liv­ing in Scot­land. It means I have to move and con­tin­ue my busi­ness activ­it­ies here. What is my busi­ness? I’m ana­lyst and sys­tem design­er, provid­ing busi­ness ana­lys­is, busi­ness logic and soft­ware design, sys­tems archi­tec­ture design. Research­er and lec­turer as well. 

Wish me luck… try me for free…

2 Comments to New era

  1. Tomek Bacewicz says:

    all the best for you with your new chal­lenge, keep up the sol­id work!

  2. Jaroslaw Zelinski says:

    thank’s a lot 😉

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