What are tests and who tests what

Test­ing is check­ing, and here we have (should have) a clear divi­sion between the check­er and the checked. It is typ­ic­al of the IT mar­ket to tell cus­tom­ers that they have no com­pet­ence in ana­lys­is, test­ing, design, that all this will be done by the soft­ware sup­pli­er. Thus, the fol­low­ing are ordered from the same, single, soft­ware sup­pli­er: busi­ness ana­lys­is, require­ments ana­lys­is, design, imple­ment­a­tion, writ­ing accept­ance tests and test­ing. An entity like the Pur­chaser in essence just watches, and pays as much as the sup­pli­ers want (T&M pro­jects are out of con­trol). In effect, the check­er and checked are the same entity. Does this make sense?

Source: Czym są testy oraz kto i co tes­tuje – Jarosław Żeliński IT-Consulting

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