Value-stream mapping i.e. the value stream a company creates when creating its product

The acronym VSM has also star­ted to appear in soft­ware engin­eer­ing for some time now, but it has an old ped­i­gree of more than 30 years. Value-stream Map­ping (VSM), known for 30 years, more recently also as mater­i­al- and inform­a­tion-flow map­ping. It is a meth­od with its ori­gins in Lean Man­age­ment, used to ana­lyse the cur­rent state and design the future state for the series of events that lead a product or ser­vice from order to deliv­ery to the customer.

Source: Value-stream map­ping czyli stru­mień war­tości jaki wyt­war­za firma tworząc swój produkt – Jarosław Żeliński IT-Consulting

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