UML model and stereotypes as icons

Someone will ask: why all this? The thing is that man­aging present­a­tion graph­ics (mod­el con­sist­ency, tra­cing, etc.) is prac­tic­ally impossible: any change requires inter­fer­ence with block dia­grams and labor­i­ous rein­ser­tion into the ana­lys­is report (I wrote about this in an art­icle about CASE tools). Such graph­ics are not trans­fer­able between tools oth­er than as uned­it­able bit­maps. How­ever, if someone feels that block dia­grams expressed in more «friendly» sym­bols add value to the pro­ject, they can do so. The UML provides for this and many tools allow it (I used Visual-Paradigm).

Source: UML mod­el and ste­reo­types as icons – Jarosław Żeliński IT-Con­sult­ing.

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