Analysis & Design using UML

The fol­low­ing sub­jects will be taught dur­ing this course:

  • Object-Ori­ented Ana­lys­is and Design Foundations.
  • Object and Class Dia­grams, Meta-Object Facil­ity (MOF) foundations.
  • UML Nota­tion The concept of class and clas­si­fi­er, and the idea of Value?
  • Com­pos­ite struc­ture and Struc­tured Clas­si­fi­ers: the dif­fer­ence between sys­tem domain archi­tec­ture and sys­tem domain models. 
  • Sequence as integ­ra­tion models.
  • State Machines and Activ­ity as busi­ness logic mod­els and mechanisms.
  • Use Case Dia­grams – sys­tem ser­vices as a found­a­tion of requirements.
  • Devel­op­ment Pro­cesses – CIM, PIM and PSM mod­els (MDA).

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