Support my research

Sup­port my research 

I am an inde­pend­ent research­er (see my About Me page). Donate some­thing from you to my research. My publications:

  1. Syn­thes­is of MOF, MDA, PIM, MVC, and BCE Nota­tions and Patterns
  2. Digit­al Doc­u­ments as Data Car­ri­ers and a Meth­od of Data Man­age­ment Guar­an­tee­ing the Unam­bi­gu­ity of the Recor­ded Inform­a­tion: Onto­logy-Ori­ented Data Man­age­ment and Doc­u­ment Databases

You can help the emer­gence of the next one, make a dona­tion, take advant­age of a one-hour consultation.


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